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A Why It Matters Chapbook For You Tactile Types

Cinder, the creator of the incredibly cool painting to your left, and I will be attending an event in October to finally sign his “Keep On Stomping” prints.  I had no idea that signing was going to be the hardest thing to coordinate, but there you go.

It felt a little odd to coordinate a Why It Matters event and not include any true tales of liquor, lust, and primer gray Camaros so I whipped up a little chapbook to go along with the print.  In keeping with the “Keep On Trucking” theme of Cinder’s artwork, I compiled the seventies stories into one slim volume, about seventy-five pages.

Vanity publishing is corny I know, but if you want your own little piece of Why It Matters you can pick one up here for next to nothing.  Would you rather have a signed copy?  Email me and we’ll figure out how to get one to you.

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