10/13/2012: Print Signing and Fund Raiser

My son is an outstanding musician.  I know every parent thinks that, but he really is.  Sure, he’s got a way to go in terms of sight-reading and technical proficiency, but the kid has made that transition to thinking in music and that’s the most critical thing in my opinion.

His high school has been the greatest influence on his skills.  My boy is fortunate to attend one of those increasingly rare  public schools with an exceptional concert band program, and even cooler:  They focus primarily on jazz.

But like every other school in the U.S. my son’s is always scrapping for money to keep “non-essentials” afloat (please don’t get me started on the arts as “non-essential”), and that’s why Cinder and I are turning the “Keep On Stomping” print signing into a fundraiser.

On October 13 we’ll be setting up shop at Sacramento’s Rio Midtown Jam, a street festival at the corner of 17th and J streets.  We’ll be there from 4-8 pm, signing prints and books.  Cinder is even going to makes some 3D Wimbots, suitable for dashboards and desktops.

But what about you?  You’re in Austin, Pittsburgh, London, Tierra Del Fuego (but not Greenland), and yet you’re the kind of person who appreciates music, education,  and philanthropy.   How can you pitch in?  Well, how about this.  From today through 10/13:

  • All proceeds from sales of the paperback and eBook editions of Keep On Stomping: A Why It Matters Chapbook will go straight to the boy’s school.  Don’t be shy, buy in bulk.  I’m sure everyone you know will enjoy reading about my embarrassing childhood.
  • All of my proceeds from the “Keep On Stomping” print also will go to Mr. Percussionist’s school.  Cinder’s taking a hit on this one, too, and we’re eating some of the printing costs.  What’s all this mean to you?  Until signing day you can pick up your own signed, numbered piece of fine art for $45.  I’ll even eat the shipping costs.  Email me at if you’re interested.

Look, I know it isn’t  Livestrong but it’s what I can do and you get  some pretty cool goodies for your money.  Also, I don’t get all ‘roided up to write Why It Matters. Usually.

And if you are in the Sacramento area I’d like to ask you a couple of favors:

  • Come out and visit us
  • Please forward this and help me get the word out.  Seriously, hype the hell out of it.  Let’s make Rio Midtown Jam the Second Saturday event this month.

That’s it for trying to pick your pocket.  Thanks for helping out.


Click here for the event’s official Facebook page


Here’s a cut from the absolutely coolest high school band ever, and a lot of their magic was made possible via donations.  See?  Your couple of bucks really can make a difference.  Also, how many damned Girl Scout cookies can you eat?  Spread the love a little.

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  1. We are placing a second order for “Keep On Stomping” on the 17th. I think I may have already asked you this, but my brain has gone soft in my old age. Can you hold a print for us and we send you the $$$ out on the 17th?
    Tomas and I are fierce over schools having proper art and music classes – he was very lucky to attend a high school that valued its music program, and we both get kind of irate over the fact that it is always the program first in line on the chopping block. So yes!! I don’t think I have ever felt so pleased having my pockets picked in such a fashion 🙂


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