From the Stacks: The Beatles – Rubber Soul

Before we go any further I’d like to remind you that the name of this series is “From the Stacks.”  These are records and other musical ephemera from my personal collection, and though I normally focus on stuff that I think you’ll find interesting today I’m just flat out bragging.

Rubber Soul was my first favorite album,  the first Why It Matters story I told (and currently available in print at prices so low we must be crazy, etc.), and the album I most regretted losing when I left home.  I never really had custody of it, you see.  It belonged to my sister.

That changed a couple of weeks ago when my buddy Ryan at Dimple Records whipped out the copy you see pictured above — the original American mono release in amazing condition.  Yeah, I hesitated for a second.  I know the songs by heart, own the CD, etc., but inevitably the four year-old inside of me won out.  It’s a welcome addition to my stacks.

A copy this clean can be had for a lot less than you’d think.  Keep your eye on the auction sites and you can pick up your own original Rubber Soul for 25-35 bucks American.  Happy hunting.

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