On My Turntable: Kevin Seconds – Don’t Let Me Lose Ya

I hesitate to drag the Kevin Seconds C.V. into this review.  There are bound to be punk fans who hear that name and immediately think of 7 Seconds, which isn’t a bad thing.  For over thirty years 7 Seconds has churned out quality hardcore.

But Kevin Seconds on his own, that’s a whole other thing.  If you have your brain set to shred when you throw on one of Seconds’ low-fi home brews you’re likely to overlook the sweet sounds streaming through your ear buds.

These ten songs are about as sparse as they come:  some cowboy chords in 4/4 time, cello, harmonica, a little bit of percussion.  They are in my sweet spot — that “front porch” groove, nice harmonies.

Oddly, there’s very little distance between these songs and 7 Seconds.  Just because the instruments are acoustic doesn’t mean the music isn’t three chords of blistering DIY goodness.

That punk rock vibe resonates in the lyrics, too.  “You bow to Jesus, too, but there’s nothing Christ-like in the things you do,” Seconds sings in “On the Hill.”  You have to love that.

But not all the songs are biting.  There’s great takes on life, love, relationships, and loss here, too.  Take a listen to “Oh, Rhonda”:

I am a big supporter of artists moving on, trying something that isn’t necessarily what their established fan base is expecting.  Kevin could ride 7 Seconds all the way to the grave like Angus Young going meedly-meedly in that goofy school boy outfit.  Good on him for writing and publishing the songs that are coming out of him rather than the songs that are supposed to come out of him.

Don’t Let Me Lose Ya is available October 9, 2012 from Asian Man Records.  Give it a spin, you won’t be disappointed.

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