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From the Stacks: Moog Machine – Switched-On Rock

Moog’s synthesizer was a truly revolutionary machine though finicky.  Early adopters had to deal with the fact that the beast would go out of tune as the temperature changed, repeating a given sound was next to impossible, set up was difficult, etc.   But even with those limitations, Wendy Carlos put together one of the first classical gold albums in early 1969 with Switched On Bach.

Now,  I have to be honest here and admit that I have no idea whether the makers of Switched On Rock were working on their album before Carlos hit the charts, but Columbia’s marketing department was wise enough to capitalize on the “Switched On” craze by putting this record out later that year.

The album is composed of cheesy synthesizer covers of popular songs of that period, and is a must have for collectors of both electronica and novelty songs.  It’s the kind of record you’re likely to find at a garage sale for a quarter, but if you aren’t the type to dig through other people’s garbage I’m guessing you can pick one up for three to five bucks if you keep your eyes open.  Happy hunting.

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