Deep Cuts

Deep Cuts: Law Songs

 Yeah, okay.  I had no business being so mouthy with a law man.  On the other hand, who the hell was he to hassle me about some bad fashion choices?  If bad taste was a crime prisons would be filled with muffin tops and whale tails.

Besides,  the guy was just trying to help.  I know I’m supposed to be down on The Man, and I know that some cops are pepper spraying assholes, but I truly believe that the overwhelming number of public servants are out there trying to do a good thing.

So this one’s for you, Officer Whateveryournamewas from Spartanburg, South Carolina circa 1984.  P.S.:  You were right about me.

“Laws and Sausage,” The Uptones

“Breaking the Law,” Judas Priest

“Officer Blue,” XTC

“I Am the Law,” Anthrax

“Dream Police,” Cheap Trick

“Transit Cop,” Beastie Boys

“Police On My Back,” The Equals

“Police Helicopter,” Red Hot Chili Peppers

“Sargent Stadanko,” Cheech & Chong

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  1. Great list. I love the Beastie Boys, sincerely. RHCP, Cheap Trick. Good, good 🙂 I will add Highway Patrolman by Johnny Cash. Drama!


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