Why It Matters Live! This Friday, 10/19/12

Under The Gum Tree is throwing itself a birthday party this Friday night, October 19, at Think House in Sacramento.   Things get started at 7:00 p.m. over at 1617 18th Street.

Have you ever wondered what a Why It Matters story sounds like read aloud in a nervous, adenoidal voice?  Here’s your big chance.

At some point during this evening I’m going to do ten minutes of twitchy talk, story time for grown-ups.  I’m hoping that my slot comes somewhere between  just enough and not too many cocktails.

If you’re in the Sacramento area come by and watch me embarrass myself.  I’ll even sweeten the pot and give you a free copy of Keep On Stomping: A Why It Matters Chapbook just for coming down and showing your support.  Hope to see you there!

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  1. Wish i could be there to see and hear it! You’ll just have to make do with my long-distance empathetic support.

    I understand if you can’t stretch to a live intergoogleweb streaming video but I do hope you’re going to have it video’ed and posted on you-tube instead… it’s only fair to your adoring readers y’know..



  2. Good luck! But just as a precaution, check to see if Morgan Freeman is free to step in as your b-string reader. And yep. You should record this. You can always destroy it later…


  3. Heyyy! Awesome! You’re going to vid and YouTube it right? Please? You owe it to your back cover quote writers! *makes David Bowie fart sound*


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