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From the Stacks: The Rolling Stones – Burning at the Hollywood Palladium

“Trademark Of Quality” bootlegs were like the lost ark of the covenant to me as a kid.  That little underground comix-style pig logo meant that this was a “real” bootleg, which was about as close to crime as I was going to get.

I didn’t own a single one until childhood was long past and I was in a city large enough to have good-sized record stores filled with taboo merchandise.

This particular boot was recorded at the Hollywood Palladium on June 9,1972.  That’s the Mick Taylor era of the Stones, back when they were still badass rock stars.   The sound is pretty good, though forty years on the set list is pretty fucked out.  There are a couple of deep cuts, but overall it’s the same ol’ same ol’:

  • Brown Sugar
  • Bitch
  • Rock Off
  • Gimme Shelter
  • Happy
  • Tumbling Dice
  • Sweet Virginia
  • You Can’t Always Get What You Want
  • All Down The Line, Midnight Rambler
  • Jumping Jack Flash

This one regularly goes for $35.00, but colored vinyl copies can get way up there.  Happy hunting.

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  1. Still have a Wizardo Alice Cooper ‘Sold Out’ LP recorded at the LA Forum, June 16, 1975. 8 cuts from the ‘Welcome To My Nightmare’ tour. It is simply a plain white cover with a large Xeroxed photo and info sheet literally Scotch taped to it.


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