Win Limited Edition Perry Farrell Swag!


(c) James Stafford

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I was trying to cook up a deal to get some swag into a pair of lucky hands.  I’m thrilled — thrilled I tell ya — to announce that the folks over at Dobel Tequila were kind enough to play along, so here’s your big chance.

I’m not going to tell another long-winded story about my undying love for Jane’s Addiction and Perry Farrell, but by far they are the best live act I’ve ever seen and Perry hands down is the greatest front man I’ve ever witnessed.  Nobody works a crowd like Perry.  The opportunity to give one of you guys Danny Clinch’s mega-rare photo book from the 2012 Brazil edition of Lollapalooza is a real honor.  Look at this beast:

You haven’t even won yet and I’m already jealous.

The bad news:  Only readers located in the US can win this prize.  Additionally, you must be at least twenty-one years old and be able to show proof (a photo of a current ID will work).

The good news: I have an alternate prize for international readers, not sponsored by Dobel (purely for legal reasons, I’m sure they’d love to) but by your dear friends at Why It Matters.   Winners outside of the United States will have their choice of a Jane’s Addiction “Theatre of the Escapists” lithograph signed by Perry, Stephen, and Dave, or a “Keep On Stomping” signed and numbered print:


The contest (deadline 12/13/2012):

We’ll keep it simple.  All you need to do is print the above image of Wimbot  or use your “Keep On Stomping” book or postcard and send me a photo of Wimbot displayed in a public place.  The most interesting photo wins.  I’ll let you decide what “interesting” means.  Here are some ways to get that photo to me:

  • Like the Why It Matters Facebook page and post it there
  • Post it on your own Facebook page and tag Why It Matters
  • Post as a comment at the end of this article
  • Email me at:

Additionally, you need to do the following:

  1. Share this post
  2. Tag Dobel’s Facebook page in your share
  3. Like the Dobel Facebook page

That’s it!  Thanks Dobel. Best of luck, readers, and don’t forget:  Dobel is offering a free download of Jane’s latest album, The Great Escape Artist.  Go here for details.

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