Deep Cuts

Deep Cuts: Drive-In Songs


Remarkably few songs have been written about drive-in restaurants.  Go figure — I’d think somebody could knock one out while waiting for a chili cheese-a-plenty.

But they haven’t, and I’m hellbent on a “drive-in” playlist this week, so here’s what you get, even if they are about drive-in movies:

“Drive In,” The Beach Boys

“Drive-In Saturday,” David Bowie

“Rain at the Drive In,” NRBQ

“Drive-In Show,” Eddie Cochran

So there you have it:  A super short playlist of drive-in songs.  Know any others?  I’m listening.

***Super Extras Bonus Non-Singing-Like Track***

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  1. That is a tough playlist to fill out! Maybe just throw in some songs by At the Drive-In? And I remember a song in Grease…Alone at the drive-in. Branded a fool. What will they say Monday at school?


  2. Maybe we should get together and write a few Drive-In Restaurant songs.
    Here’s a few titles I’m thinking about –
    ‘Gnats On My Chili Fries’
    ‘I Can Skate Better Than Her’
    ‘The Guy Next To Me Needs A Muffler’


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