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From the Stacks: David Lee Roth – Sonrisa Salvaje

Hola!  Here we have Sonrisa Salvaje, or “Wild Smile,” David Lee Roth’s Spanish language version of Eat ’em and Smile.

I’m surprised more artists haven’t made a run at this marketing concept, but they haven’t and Diamond Dave has.  Maybe the real question here is whether you’ve really lived if you haven’t heard “Yankee Rose” en Espanol:

This is a great novelty, fun to break out after a few cocktails and then pretend that something is wrong with the stereo.  Oh, me and my wacky pranks.  You can pick up your own copy in the ten to twenty-dollar range.  Happy hunting.

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  1. Pretty cool that Dave gets the same message across in both English and Spanish when he shakes his ass & crotch at the camera. I guess it’s a small world after all.


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