Deep Cuts

Deep Cuts: Boxing Day Songs

John_L_Sullivan It’s Boxing Day, a tradition we don’t have in here in the United States but that I know all about.  See, in the UK, Canada and other countries where they have hobbits, the day after Christmas is spent drunkenly beating your relatives in the backyard (or “bumbershoot” as they call it over there), stuffing their bodies into boxes, and dropping them off at pubs (or Chili’s, as we call them in the US).

I’ve just looked up “Boxing Day” and found that perhaps one or two of my facts might be slightly off.  Now what the hell am I supposed to do with this playlist of songs about boxes?

Well, I suppose I’ll run it anyway.  Happy Boxing Day, my international friends.

“TKO (Boxing Day),” Elvis Costello

“Pandora’s Box,” Aerosmith

“Man in the Box,” Alice In Chains

“Broken Box,” Queens of the Stone Age

“Rock Box,” Run-DMC

“Three Lock Box,” Sammy Hagar

“Heart Shaped Box,” Nirvana

“Jewel Box,” Jeff Buckley

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