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Deep Cuts: Welcome Songs

731px-Gustave_Doré_-_Dante_Alighieri_-_Inferno_-_Plate_8_(Canto_III_-_Abandon_all_hope_ye_who_enter_here)An alert reader asked me recently how many of the “Deep Cuts” songs are in my personal collection. Okay, okay, fair question.  Unless it’s a particularly tricky week, “Deep Cuts” titles come entirely from my playlist, all obtained legally thank you very much.  Youtube clips are purely for demo purposes.

My goal isn’t to share how clever I am using the intergooglewebtubes or to create a James caricature who doles out ultra-hip obscurities.  No, I’m just a geek with too much music and too little sense.  My only real concern is not boring you with same old bands over and over.

So yeah, what you hear is what you get.  Welcome to my nightmare.

“Welcome Home,” Metallica.  From the indispensable Master Of Puppets.

“Welcome to Planet Motherfucker,” Rob Zombie

“Welcome to the Occupation,” R.E.M.  Those IRS albums are some of the finest ever made.  Don’t have them?  Fix that.

“Welcome to This World,” Primus.  Oh, Les.  You and your noodly bass.  Come over here and give me a hug.

“Welcome to the Working Week,” Elvis Costello

“Welcome to My World,” Elvis Presley.  I have a longstanding infatuation with fat Elvis.  Yes, part of it is the horrible jumpsuits bursting at the ass seams.  Okay, a lot of it is that.  And then there’s my contrary nature — it’s too easy to like cool Elvis.  Being a fat Elvis fan takes commitment.

But what I really like about Elvis The Latter are the Mac Davis and Jerry Reed songs, neither of whom wrote “Welcome to My World,” but hey, it’s the right era.

“Welcome to the Pleasuredome,” Frankie Goes To Hollywood.  An absolutely brilliant piece of eighties cheese.

“Welcome to the World of the Plastic Beach,”  Gorillaz

“Welcome,” Hawkwind

So can you put together a “Welcome” playlist without mentioning, the jungle, Kotter, or the machine?  I’m listening.

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  1. Okay, Mr. Stafford. Are you intentionally trying to get my goat? You know I don’t have that goat anymore… You use the title at the end of the post, though not the video?! What the fudge?! You know what – I’m not even gonna say his name. Nope. Not gonna. So there.

    Anyway…here’s two for your little list:
    ‘Welcome Christmas’ is from the ‘How The Grinch Stole Christmas’ TV show. A nice eye swelling treat that would melt the heart of any grinch. I’ve had this as a finale song in my Christmas song CD compilation for many years now, just before Burl Ives’ ‘Holly Jolly Christmas’, my favorite.

    The other is by one of the best live bands I’ve ever seen. And by that I mean one of the best classic western cowboy yodeling harmonizing bands to ever roll with the tumblin’ tumbleweeds down the dusty trail. Riders In The Sky have been around since the mid 70s and still tour regularly. If you’re lucky enough to sit before them in total awe, you’ll be treated to a grin producing song called ‘You’re Wearing Out Your Welcome, Matt’. I won’t spoil it, but think about a certain lady bar owner in a certain Kansas town and a certain reluctant marshal from a certain TV show.

    If you’re not familiar with ‘Riders In The Sky’, pick up their Silver Jubilee double CD. This song is on it, plus lots of their best 100% pure western ear candy.


  2. Elvis Costello – always fascinates me how far he’s got since those first days of Punk/New Wave. A very, very talented individual.


    • Elvis Costello is one of the artists whose entire catalog is on my bucket list. Unfortunately, like Frank Zappa the guy is so damned prolific that it’s a real challenge, but like you said he’s covered such broad musical territory that the effort is quite rewarding.

      So yeah, if you’re not an Elvis Costello collector consider giving him a spin. You won’t be disappointed.


  3. I don’t have anything too deep…but I can add Welcome to the Machine – Pink Floyd, Welcome to Paradise – Green Day, Welcome to the Black Parade – My Chemical Romance, and of course, Welcome Back (Kotter) – John Sebastian 😉


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