From the Stacks

From the Stacks: A Random Photo of Ian McCulloch

Ian McCulloch

I found this in a box in the attic, a completely forgotten treasure.  Here’s how this photo landed in my hands:

When I was seventeen or so one of my record store coworkers approached me and said, “Hey, you like new wave don’t you?”


“Do you like Echo and the Bunnymen?”


“Well here.  My friend just came back from England and he met them and got me this picture but I hate them.”

“Cool, thanks.”

Yep, pretty fascinating story, isn’t it?  The big question, of course, is whether the signature is authentic.  I suspected not then, and even more so now.  For all I know my coworker was just messing with me, but whatever.  It’s a cool photo printed on decent photographic paper, and it looks to be hand-developed.  Maybe one of these days I’ll cook up a big whopping lie to give it some provenance.  (No I won’t.)

Ian McCulloch sig

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  1. I don’t know what this says about me, but I sure do love that androgynous look. That’s a great photo…I love Echo and the Bunnymen


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