Deep Cuts

Deep Cuts: Songs For A Beautiful Day


Our friends on the East Coast could use a beautiful day.  Who couldn’t?

I can’t do anything about the weather, but I can put together a play list of nice day songs. As a super special bonus for those of you who are already suffering:  no U2!

Okay, here we go:

“It’s A Beautiful Day Today,” Moby Grape.  Does the Grape deserve its status as the forgotten San Francisco jam band?

“It’s A Beautiful Day,” Queen.  From Made In Heaven, the last Queen album featuring the original line-up, though Freddie passed four years prior to its release.

“Perfect Day,” Lou Reed.  Do you have a copy of Transformer in your stacks?  No?  Get on that.  And what’s up with Pavarotti’s eyebrows in this incredibly weird clip?

“Lovely Day,” Bill Withers.  Keep an eye out for the documentary Still Bill.  Worth your time.

“I Can See Clearly Now,” Jimmy Cliff.  The original by Johnny Nash was my favorite song when I was five, but just to mix it up a bit here’s Jimmy Cliff’s ’93 cover:

“Everyday Sunshine,” Fishbone.  From The Reality Of My Surroundings, the album that should have made them huge.

“Good Day Sunshine,” The Beatles

So there’s my beautiful day line-up.  What’s yours?  I’m listening.

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  1. Cheered up already. How about….some Allman Brothers Band – Blue Sky. And not at all deep, but Weezer’s Island in the Sun fits the bill. Mr. Blue Sky by ELO might be my favorite beautiful day song. Apologies 🙂


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