The Dreams That You Dare To Dream

Judy_Garland_in_The_Wizard_of_Oz_trailer_2Here’s another post from my vacation home, i.e., my non-music blog.  I’m still pretty bummed that this piece didn’t audition well enough to get into the show for which I wrote it, or that I didn’t audition well enough at least.

Anyway, some of you are here for the memoir and this fits that category, so enjoy.


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  1. Thank you, James. You just made my day. I was 15 when my Granddaddy died out of the blue of a heart attack at 61. That was the first time I experienced the death of someone close. I remember that as if it was yesterday. The last time I saw him was just three days earlier. With my Mom, sister and Grandmama, we had spent the entire day together. He was a barber since leaving the service and always wore black pants, a white shirt and a tie to work. 10 days before he died, the whole family had celebrated his 61st birthday with a cookout at the beach. He was the perfect grandparent, always making time for me and my sister.

    Months later I had a dream. I was walking on the beach along the surf. I can still feel the breeze and hear the soft rolling of the water as it crept back and forth. I glanced to my left, and between me and the water was my Granddaddy, in full work attire, walking next to me. I remember all of a sudden being at such peace, a kind of sensation that I’ve rarely experienced. I know we talked, but I can’t recall the conversation. Then, as we walked in silence, except for the sound of the surf, we both stopped. I turned to him with tears in my eyes and said, “I miss you.” He smiled and replied softly, “I know.” As I hugged him tightly, everything slowly faded away.

    And that was it. Some would believe it was just a dream, something our brains conjure up in the middle of a deep sleep. But I know better. I believe that no matter what people think or what religion they might believe in, I think we all will be pleasantly surprised when we open our eyes for the first time after taking our last breath on this earth.


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