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Revenge Daisy Poster

Mike Dorman’s Revenge of the Daisy posters are here, and man do they look great.  Wimbot is taking quite a beating from The Daisy, but he deserves it after all of that stomping.

I have a few of these glossy 11×17 beauties to give away absolutely100% free.  Here’s all you need to do:

Commit a random act of kindness. I don’t care what it is — pay for a stranger’s coffee, give a panhandler some change, tell a stranger he or she is beautiful, pick up some garbage — anything will do.  Just go be nice.  “God damnit, you’ve got to be kind,” to quote Mr. Vonnegut.

How will I know? I won’t.  I trust you.  Who lies about something like that?  But if you want to tell me your story I want to hear it.  You can leave a comment, or you can email me at

About the poster:  It’s hand-signed by both Mike and me and should fit in any off the shelf 11×17 frame.  It should thumb tack nicely to a cubicle wall, too.  I’m sure this rare item is going to be worth tens of cents in the future, so act soon!

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  1. Today, my older-ish, technically challenged and very impatient neighbor got her first laptop – none of her kids were around to set it up, and rather than dive under the bed when I heard her voice on the answering machine yelling that she needed help – I went over and tried to wrestle a brand new HP laptop to the ground and we are both still alive. Me. The person who still has not mastered the basics of an 8-year-old Mac laptop. Yeah, you heard right. I helped.


  2. Went to Target for the 3rd time this week because I kept forgetting needed items. Needless to say I was annoyed and in a rush with all three of my kids in tow. When we made our way to the front of the line to the cashier she gave the obligatory, “Hello, I hope you found everything you needed today,” and then she smiled. In that moment I took a step back in my mind and looked at her instead of thru her (which I sadly admit I sometimes do when I am caught up in my own list of tasks to do) and I saw what a simply beautiful smile she had. I looked at her straight in the eyes and said, “You have a beautiful smile that really lights up a room.” She stopped what she was doing and smiled that smile again and said with watery eyes, “you have just made my day.” I shyly smiled back and said, “You’re welcome.”

    More than anything I think she made my day because I could see how much it meant to her to be noticed.


  3. I still haven’t accomplished this. Am I not a nice person? Now I am questioning my basic human decency! I actually find it much easier to think of a number of ways in which other people have been randomly kind to me. Also, I work in a service based industry, so I do nice things for people all day, but since it is part of my job it can’t be counted. If there is still time, I will keep trying. (Actually, I guess I should keep trying in any event. How hard is it to work some random, unpaid kindness into a day?)


  4. Okay, boss. I’m trying for a double here. Random act of kindness: I dropped off 12 $5 Starbucks gift cards to the NICU that took care of my son for two months as gifts for their overnight shift caregivers. I also dropped off 12 $5 Starbucks gift cards to the local Loaves & Fishes which delivers meals to the homebound.

    Can I count those as two acts of kindness? If so and assuming this late reply qualifies for a poster still, please send my poster to @ohdotoh and @alannacoca. That’s my double act of paying it forward. Peace.


  5. Today the people in front of me didn’t have money for their lunch at the hospital cafeteria. So I bought it. Not extraordinarily nice, but not too shabby.


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