Deep Cuts

Deep Cuts: Songs About Names

"Stafford" in the Domesday Book

“Stafford” in the Domesday Book

What’s in a name?  I don’t know.  Everything, nothing.  All I know for certain is that the move from Jim to James was a liberating one for me.  So what’s in a name?  The gang wrote a song about it*:

“Five Guys Named Moe,” Louis Jordan.  Is there a better way to start a list of name songs?  I don’t know, I’ll ask Moe.

“My Cat’s Name is Maceo,” Jane’s Addiction.  From the odds and sods Kettle Whistle collection.

“My Name is Jonas,” Weezer.  I’m not a big Weezer fan, but they’re okay and this song fit the bill.

“Ahh…the Name is Bootsy, Baby,” Bootsy’s Rubber Band.  On the one, baby.

“In Loving Memory of a Name,” XTC

“I Took Your Name,” R.E.M.  Monster was R.E.M.’s last really good album, though for my tastes the IRS years are the place to be.

My Name Is Mud,” Primus.  Hardly a deep cut, but how often do I get to bust out the Primus?

“Hello, My Name Is Your TV,” Ludo.  I don’t know anything about Ludo, but I have this song on my unmentioned brand name portable musical device, and I give it a listen when it comes up in the rotation.

“Bullet With My Name On It,” Dream Syndicate.  From Medicine Show, one of Dream Syndicate’s best.

“What’s My Name,” The Clash.  Clash footage from ’77 –come on!

*Did you catch the reference?  Leave a comment with the right answer, and I’ll send you some swag.

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  1. Great list! I love Five Guys Named Moe…and Bootsy!

    I will add – Plea From a Cat Named Virtue by The Weakerthans and They Oughta Name a Drink After You by John Prine.


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