One From My Vacation Home

equal rights“You’re gonna have to serve somebody,” Dylan said, and he was absolutely right.  Unfortunately I’m sort of a goofy rubadub, so there’s not a whole lot of servin’ I can do.

But I can write, so here’s my contribution to the cause.  Read, enjoy, and please share.  Maybe we can change a mind or two regarding this marriage rights business, or at the very least give them something to think about.

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  1. On behalf of my brothers and sisters, thank you for your support. It is not unexpected, but it is still appreciated.


  2. I am so tired of this being an issue, it’s a non-issue, it is nobody’s f***ing business who people choose to spend their time with, who they choose to spend their lives with – it is denying a choice to a person for who_they_are.
    Is it just me, or isn’t passing strict gun control laws a more pressing issue, or perhaps labeling the food we eat a more pressing issue, isn’t getting everybody to pay their fair share of taxes a more pressing issue than denying people their right to make a promise to each other and throw a party? I think this topic, just for the fact that it is a topic, is going to be the one that finally enrages me to a fatal heart attack.


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