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From The Stacks: Various – Slash, the Early Sessions

Slash The Early Sessions Front

Slash was a record label that you could trust.  If it was on Slash it was going to be good:  X, The Germs, Fear, Faith No More.  Come on!

Unfortunately they were gobbled up in one mega-merger or another and that was the end of L.A.’s coolest label.  In 2003 Super Record Megacorp sold the name back to Slash founder Bob Biggs.  I don’t really know what’s happened since then.  If any of you have leads on recent Slash releases that I need to hear, lay them on me.

As for Slash, the Early Sessions, that album reads almost like a Rosetta Stone for my teen years:  X, Violent Femmes, The Blasters, Gun Club, The Dream Syndicate, Fear, Germs.  This one was in my power rotation for years, and now that it’s out of the stacks again it will likely get more turntable time.

This is a dud for collectors.  There’s nothing on this compilation that you can’t get elsewhere, but the cover art is cool and because the record geeks aren’t after it you should be able to find a copy for under five bucks.  Happy hunting.

Slash The Early Sessions Rear


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  1. Here ya go, folks– my treat– the result of mooochoooo years… enjoy
    (every song a gem, *guaranteed*) :

    * The (Mostly) Unheard Music of the Late 70s & Early 80s *

    1. Cure– World War

    2. Clash– Spanish Bombs (excellent photos from Spanish Civil War)

    3. Clash– Lost in the Supermarket

    4. Clash– Brand New Cadillac

    5. XTC– Generals and Majors

    6. The Jam– Tales from the Riverbank

    7. The Jam– That’s Entertainment

    8. The Jam– Carnation

    9. Clash– Charlie Don’t Surf (NB: unofficial video– appropriated by militarists)

    10. Public Image, Ltd. (PiL)– Public Image

    11. The Jam– Monday

    11. Germs– Caught in My Eye

    12. Gun Club– Sex Beat

    13. The Jam– Town Called Malice

    14. XTC– Yacht Dance

    15. Dickies– You Drive Me Ape (You Big Gorilla)

    17. The Specials– Man at C&A

    18. The Specials– Concrete Jungle

    19. Echo and the Bunnymen– Turquoise Days

    20. The Cramps– Goo Goo Muck

    21. Killing Joke– Love Like Blood

    22. The Specials– Ghost Town

    23. Front 242– Headhunter

    24. Wire– 15th

    25. Echo and the Bunnymen– All That Jazz

    26. Echo and the Bunnymen– Do It Clean

    27. Echo and the Bunnymen– Monkeys

    28. Chameleons– Don’t Fall

    29. Magazine– About the Weather

    27. Siouxie and the Banshees– Arabian Knights

    28. Siouxie and the Banshees– Israel

    29. Psychedelic Furs– Sister Europe

    30. Psychedelic Furs– India

    31. X– Johnny Hit and Run Paulene

    32. X– It’s Who You Know

    33. X– Beyond and Back

    34. X– White Girl

    35. X– Universal Corner

    36. Joy Division– Dead Souls (live, from ‘Still’ album)

    37. Joy Division– New Dawn Fades (live, from ‘Still’ album

    38. Joy Division– Candidate (live, from The Factory)

    39. Joy Division– Shadowplay (live, from ‘Still’ album)

    40. Joy Division– Ice Age (‘Still’ album version)

    41. Joy Division– Incubation

    42. Joy Division– Sound of Music (soundcheck)

    43. Joy Division– The Only Mistake (from “Still’ album)

    44. Pixies– River Euphrates

    45. Pixies– Where is My Mind?

    46. Pixies– Here Comes Your Man

    47. Pixies– No. 13, Baby

    48. Pixies– Gouge Away

    49. NEU!– Hero

    50. Madness– Grey Day

    51. The Cure– Other Voices

    52. The Cure– All Cats Are Grey

    53. Charlatans U.K.– Can’t Even Be Bothered

    54. Joy Division– Leaders of Men

    55. The Undertones– Teenage Kicks

    56. The Undertones– Beautiful Friend

    57. The Fleshtones– The Dreg

    58. The Dream Syndicate– Halloween

    59. Joe Jackson– Beat Crazy

    60. Elvis Costello– Pump It Up

    61. BauHaus– Silent Hedges

    62. BauHaus– St. Vitus Dance

    63. The Shoes– Tomorrow Night

    64. Roxy Music– Out of the Blue

    65. XTC– Senses Working Overtime

    66. Robyn Hitchcock– Queen Elvis (album)

    67. The Cure– The Forest

    68. Buzzcocks– Ever Fallen in Love (with Someone You Shouldn’t Have) ?

    69. Joy Division– Exercise One (from the “Still’ album)

    70. XTC– English Roundabout


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