New WIM Art!

Helmut Sosha

The indefatigable collage artist Helmet Sosha put together this piece for Why It Matters between assignments as a fine art photographer and concert pianist.  You don’t know Helmut Sosha, the photographer and concert pianist?  That’s likely because when he wears those hats he answers to a different name.

So what’s his other name, and which one is the pseudonym?  I’ll never tell.  Discretion is the price I pay for access to cheap genius.

P.S.  Make sure you click to enlarge.  You wouldn’t want to miss those cigar bands.

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  1. I LOVE this! Something, something has a slight Major Manatee feel to it – I cannot quite pinpoint it, and I may be dead wrong, but….Something about the Major’s helmet, or perhaps the border. I don’t even think this is a guessing contest, you’ve made it quite clear you will never give it up. Still…hmmmm.


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