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From the Stacks: Evie – Come On, Ring Those Bells

evie come on ring those bellsThe first entry into the Bad Album Cover Hall of Fame to be nominated for a Grammy,  please welcome Christian singer Evie’s 1979 Christmas cheese fest Come On, Ring Those Bells.

I’m sure the songs are brilliant, but we’re here for that cover:  the Dorothy Hamill ‘do, the Southwestern sweater vest topping off the turtleneck; the French tips, the fireplace, that title — that glorious, dirty title.

I’m sure there’s a special place in Hell reserved for people who smut up Evie’s squeaky clean album covers.  If I get there first I’ll save you a seat.

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  1. Cant. Stop. Laughing. I went more towards the whole album having a cheesy Satan vibe going on – thank The LORD you are here to point out the smut. It’s a sin to not see joy right in front of thine eyes.


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