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Deep Cuts: Doctor Songs

Beak_DoctorLarry Spragg, Night Doctor just might be the greatest television vehicle Wayne Rogers never starred in, but there’s still hope.  Trapper John recently turned 80, which sounds like just the right age for a comeback.  We miss you, Wayne-O!

While we wait for that television masterpiece to be produced, let’s listen to some songs about doctors:

“Somebody Get Me A Doctor,” from the classic Van Halen II.  Ow!  Whoo! Yeah!

“Doctor Blind,” Emily Haines & the Soft Skeleton

“I’m Your Witch Doctor,” Motorhead.  No ting-tang-walla-walla-bing-bang here.

“Dr. Robert,” The Beatles.  One of those rare Beatles songs that hasn’t been played to death, yet demonstrates all of the Beatles’ goodness — the harmonies, the jangly Rickenbacker, the noodly bass line, the eccentric lyrics.  Ringo is in there somewhere, too.

“Doctor,” The Treatment.  I picked this one up a couple of years ago on a compilation CD.  It’s such perfect cock rock that I can’t tell whether its serious or a parody, but the hook is great.

“I Don’t Need No Doctor,” Ray Charles.  The fact that I haven’t talked about Ray much should not be misconstrued as a dislike of Ray.  The guy was magic.

“Doctor Worm,” They Might Be Giants

“Time Will Be Your Doctor,” Tucky Buzzard.

Okay, there are a lot of doctor songs left out there for you to add.  Get to it!

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  1. Calling Dr. Love by KISS
    Doctor Wu by Steely Dan
    Bad Case of Loving You by Robert Palmer
    Doctor My Eyes by Jackson Browne
    Just What The Doctor Ordered by Ted Nugent
    Unfinished Sweet by Alice Cooper (Okay. It’s a dentist song, but still a doctor…)


  2. Oooh, I like Doctor Blind, very nice. Also a big TMBG fan 🙂
    I will add – Call the Doctor by Sleater-Kinney, Doctor of Physick by Fairport Convention, and The Doctor by Loudan Wainwright.


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