Conversations With Adrian Bellue: Wrapping It Up

DSC00879And so we sat and ate our burgers and talked about life, music, and everything until I was  filled to the top with meeting a new friend, and I said, “You’re a really interesting guy.”

“Thanks,” he said, and then we packed up and headed to an afternoon gig he was doing at a local open air shopping mall.

Aluminum bleachers were set up in front of the stage, and Adrian got out his baritone guitar and dug in.  It was just a few days before Christmas, so mall traffic was relatively heavy but focused:  hurried shoppers with their heads down rushed down to Baby Abercrombie or wherever for that last-minute BOGO deal.

But an interesting thing happened, especially with the husbands and the fathers and the smaller children.  They visibly slowed as their families rushed past Adrian, sometimes stopping completely as if hypnotized by the physicality of his playing.  Some found spots on the aluminum bleachers and plopped down for the duration, getting up only to duck into the art gallery sponsoring the event so that they could pick up a copy of Draw Inspiration, Adrian’s CD.  The kids wanted them signed, and some of the grown-ups did, too, and Adrian gladly signed each one.

I’ll keep an eye on Adrian and bring you up to date if he takes that trip to Tuva or enters one of those international fingerstyle guitar competitions.  Meanwhile, you can keep up with him yourself, and more importantly buy a copy of his album.  Ten bucks is a couple of meals when you’re just starting out, so not only are you getting some great music but you’re subsidizing one of the most endangered species in our chaotic culture:  The artist, the true believer, the free spirit.  Adrian’s got the goods.  I have no doubt you’ll be hearing more about this guy.



Twitter:  @AdrianBellue

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  1. Can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed reading this series of articles. I know he is going to be around for a long, long time and I will sort of feel like I knew him when…


  2. I enjoyed learning about Adrian Blue and watching him play was indeed mesmerizing. I’ll be heading over to buy one of those CD’s to enjoy here. Support the indie artist, always!!!


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