Scott Miller Family Memorial Fund Needs Your Help

Scott MillerMusician Scott Miller passed away last week, leaving behind a wife, two daughters, and countless friends and fans.

Miller is best remembered for his bands The Loud Family and Game Theory, the latter of the two hitting my radar thanks to The Three O’Clock’s Michael Quercio.

I never met Scott, but our orbits were remarkably close.  Game Theory was based out of Davis, California, home of my alma mater, UC Davis.  Game Theory drummer Jozef Becker attended the same high school that my son, also a percussionist, attends currently.  And the kicker: Scott wrote about music, and he did it well.

Add to this the outpouring of sadness and melancholy on my social media feeds, and I feel like I’ve lost a good friend that I never actually met.  Fortunately his real friends have set up the Scott Miller Family Memorial Fund for those of us who want to help but don’t know what to do.

There’s a lot more to be said, and hopefully I’ll be able to line up the dominoes necessary to do Scott justice, but the important thing today is to get you to click on the link above and drop a couple of bucks into the kitty.  I know times are tight, but Miller’s kids can use our help.

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  1. ‘Plants and Birds and Rocks and Things’ was one of the great obscure finds for me in 93. Thank you James. I would have most likely missed his passing.

    As I just finished judging the instrumental category for an indi songwriting competition I feel it is only proper to donate some of that check. So as soon as it shows I’ll hit the link.


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