From the Stacks

From the Stacks: The Rolling Stones – Through the Past Darkly

rolling stones through the glass darkly frontYou’re probably wondering why I’m bothering with a greatest hits package, and that’s a valid question.  First of all, there have been more Stones compilations released over the last fifty years than studio albums, so there’s that.  But really it comes down to what a lot of “From the Stacks” pieces come down to:  the album cover.

The Rolling Stones are responsible for some of the more interesting packaging of the rock and roll era, and this octagonal gatefold sleeve is among the best.  Aside from that, the American and UK track listings differ slightly, making both the London and Decca versions essential for completists.

You’re going to pay for this one in mint condition.  Expect to pay at least three figures twice (once for UK and again for US), but really this one is all about collecting.  There’s not a rare cut to be had here; after all, it’s a greatest hits package.  Happy hunting.

rolling stones through the past darkly interior

rolling stones through the past darkly rear

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  1. GAAAA!!! I had this, it was in great condition when my little record collection was stolen from my car thirty-something years ago. Once the thieves opened the packing box, the whole collection probably wound up in a dumpster somewhere in East LA. I feel faint, going to go lie down now.


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