One From My Vacation Home: Ah Yeah, Beautiful Girls

Peter_Paul_Rubens_-_Woman_with_a_Mirror_-_WGA20336Long time readers will recognize this one as a reworked Why It Matters piece, but really its better suited for my vacation home.  Because that location is an AOL property I had to clean up my potty mouth, and I think the sentiments are improved as a result.

The gist of this piece?  Enough with the nonsense you’ve been told, here’s what men find beautiful.

(Incidentally, if I can bother you for a Facebook and/or Twitter share, etc., I’d really love to get the word out.  Too many women thinking too much bad about so much goodness.  Throw me a bone and help the cause, would ya?)

Categories: op-ed

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  1. Listen, Rockstar – I am going to have to trick my twitter women into reading it – they are so used to my tweeting political crap they ignore me. So forgive the lowbrow tactics I am going to have to use.


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