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From the Stacks: Jane’s Addiction – Self-Titled (Purple Vinyl)

Janes triple x colored vinylI have a lot of Jane’s in my stacks, but oddly in terms of vinyl I don’t have “normal” copies of any of their official albums.  Take their eponymous Triple X debut, for example.

The label pressed versions of this album in clear, white, green, red, blue, and purple.  I was much too poor at the time to buy all six copies, so I picked up the purple one, which my buddy at Green Hell records just off of Hollywood Boulevard swore was the rarest of the six.

Aside from the sweet, sweet vinyl the color copies also included the original lyric sheet, which would be cool enough for framing if I wasn’t so against breaking up the set.

My wild guess on value would be around fifty bucks, but that’s based on a recent auction price for a red vinyl copy.  I can’t even verify that purple was the rarest of the group, but who cares — I got one.  Happy hunting.

janes triple x colored vinyl 2

janes triple x colored vinyl lyric insert

janes triple x colored vinyl lyric sheet 2

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  1. I was in 7th grade at the time and pretty oblivious to much of the new music going on around me. I hear an album like this today and I wonder what it would have done to my musical taste had I heard it then.

    I find myself going back to that late-80’s/early-90’s era when the transition from hair metal to the Seattle sound was in full swing. Old reliable is what I call that era. I could always find something to listen to.


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