Deep Cuts

Deep Cuts: Money Talk

DoubloonLook, we all go through lean years when we first step out on our own. Sadly, those lean years never end for some, and for more and more people they go on a hell of a lot longer than they should.

Just keep it in mind, okay?  We all struggle sometimes.  If you’re on top of it now don’t be afraid to give someday else a hand up.  The only “hand out” in that exchange is yours, spreading kindness.

That’s probably enough goody goody goody bullshit. Before I fall off my soapbox let’s get to the money songs:

“Dirty Money,” Antibalas.  Look, I’m not the judgmental type, but if you don’t like this you are pure evil and you’re going to H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks.  You’ve been warned.

“Money, It’s Pure Evil,” Bigelf.  And speaking of pure evil, Bigelf will tell you all about it.  Check out this Beatles-esque jam.

“Where Da Money Go?” Jim Jones Revue.  A rockabilly-flavored shrieker.  Whoo!  Awright!

“Burn Your Money,” Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper.  I do love me some Mojey.  This is from the classic Root Hog or Die album.

“Cursed Male,” Porno For Pyros. All the guys/that really have the money/are too old/to have a good time with it.  Perry Farrell was driving a Lexus when this album came out.  Just sayin’.

“Send Me Your Money,” Suicidal Tendencies.  Listen to that bass!  Is it any wonder Metallica stole Robert Trujillo away from Suicidal Tendencies?

“Clean Money,” Elvis Costello and the Attractions.  Pure post-punk goodness.

“Red Money,” David Bowie.  One of the least loved cuts in the Bowie catalog.  From the brilliant Lodger album.  What do you think — love it, hate it, or meh?

“Money Maker,” Black Keys.  Deep cut?  No, but 00:04 guarantees it a spot on my playlist.

So there you have it.  I gave you money songs, is that what you want (what-what you want)?  What songs did I miss? I’m listening.


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  1. Great set. I really like Bigelf, whom I’d never heard before. As for the Bowie song, it is a Bowie song, so it gets two snaps and a twist.
    My additions to the list will be – You Never Give Me Your Money by Beatles, Got Your Money by ODB and Circus Money by Walter Becker. None too deep, but all faves of mine 🙂


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