Deep Cuts

Deep Cuts: Rocket Songs

rocket songsOkay, so maybe the rockets of my childhood weren’t the kinds that shot monkeys into space.  Why the hell were we firing monkeys into space, anyway?  I’ll tell you why: because guys like me got a hold of the space program.  Monkeys in space is cooler than firecrackers taped to a Frisbee.

There are so many great rocket songs that I decided to break them down by genre.  Here we go:

Part the First:  Classic Rock

“Rocket 88,” Jackie Brenston and this Delta Cats

“Supersonic Rocket Ship,” The Kinks

“Rocket in My Pocket,” Little Feat

“Rocket Ride,” KISS

“Rocket Queen,” Guns ‘N’ Roses

 Part the Second:  Funk and R&B

“Ride-O-Rocket,” The Brothers Johnson

“Rocket Love,” Stevie Wonder

“Rockit,” Herbie Hancock

Part the Third: New Wave

“Human Rocket,” Devo

Rocket From a Bottle,” XTC

 Part the Fourth: Alternative (Whatever the Hell That Means)

“Rocket,” Smashing Pumpkins

“Silver Rocket,” Sonic Youth

“Adventure Rocketship,” Robyn Hitchcock

So there you have it – lots of rocket songs for your pocket.  Have any to add? I’m listening.


Come on, you know you want it:

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  1. “Big Red Rocket of Love” by The Reverend Horton Heat
    That’s all I can add unless I want to invoke the name Def Leppard.


  2. Wow! So many good rocket songs! (I can’t see the second half of them…may be the computer I am on?) I will add a couple of pretty, quiet ones – Surfing on a Rocket by Air and Rocket by Yellowcard.


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