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  1. After reading this I realized that I’ve never used my left rear pants pocket. Still don’t. I guess if I was left-handed I would. I used to carry a wallet in the right rear pocket which held all of the usual items – cash, photos, driver’s license, car insurance card, etc. It also included a spare car key, something I started doing after I locked myself out of my car…the second time. Also in the same pocket was some sort of pen, something I’d carry just in case I just had to draw something.

    But now all that has changed. No wallet. No pen. The pocket that used to hold them now is home to a pocket knife and two spare house keys. The cash has migrated to the front right pocket, neatly folded and in order of denomination, and is kept company by my cell phone, which now also serves as my watch. Every now and then those God-awful metal annoyances called coins will sneak in until I can get rid of them. The car insurance card now stays in the car. In the left front pocket is a leather folded snapcase which houses a lot of stuff actually – my driver’s license, credit cards, organ donor card, concealed carry license, five keys and, yes, my AARP card! There’s even a secret compartment for a length of dental floss, something that is very useful to have after getting a sliver of movie popcorn lodged in so that it feels I may go postal before I can get back home. I’ve had that case forever it seems, and it shows. I’m sure at least 30% of the leather has now worn away. I’ve looked for another, but have yet to find a suitable replacement. Until I do, I guess I’ll just have to stick with it. But what to do with that lonely left rear pocket? I just don’t know. Not a clue. Maybe on my deathbed I’ll see the light and think, “Aw, man! I could have been keeping my ______ there all these years!”


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