On My Turntable: Tawny Cash – What She Don’t Know

Tawny Cash WHAT SHE DONT KNOWFriend of  WIM and the future Ex-Mrs. Stafford, the beautiful and talented Tawny Cash-Ellis, is dropping a new album soon.

We first met due to a shared Bowie love, and not too long after that she released I To You, which included the great, countrified “Tonight I Drink Whiskey.”

So how does first single “What She Don’t Know” measure up?

It’s well worth a spin.  The track is a mid-tempo pop song in the tradition of the seventies West Coast singer/songwriters.   Our heroine is in fine voice here, and she is accompanied by some sweet slide guitar. “What She Don’t Know” would be right at home on a soundtrack or with country, pop, or adult audiences.  It’s the kind of track that given the right support will be huge.

But don’t listen to me listen for yourself, and while you’re there download a copy.  Come on, you can pay a buck to show a great indie artist some love:  While you’re there download “Tonight I Drink Whiskey” if it applies to you.  Don’t look at me like that — you know who you are.

And since you’re already on the intergooglewebtubes, how about you go over to Facebook and like her page?  Do me a favor, though:  Don’t mention all that “future ex-wife” stuff. First of all, it violates the restraining order, and second she won’t know who you’re talking about.

Tawny Cash piano

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