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From the Stacks: The Police – Regatta de Blanc (2×10)

police regatta de blanc mini

This one is a bit of an oddity.  For reasons that I still don’t really understand several albums were released in 10-inch versions along with their standard 12-inch counterparts (both pictured above).  We’re not talking EPs here, but regular long players repackaged.

Maybe it was a nostalgia thing — a throwback to the fifties when the 10-inch was king.  More than likely it was no more than a way to get suckers like me to buy an album again.  Spoiler alert: It worked.

Regatta de Blanc might be my favorite Police album, but it’s a tough call.  To my ear the trio made five perfect albums.  There are some other nice Police oddities out there — badge-shaped picture discs, that sort of thing — but if you’re not interested in collecting just pick up those five studio albums and enjoy.

Expect your mini Regatta to set you back about twenty bones.  Happy hunting.

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  1. You collectors. They were definitely eyeing you and your fellows. But if you are going to duplicate, The Police seem like a good place to do it.


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