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Deep Cuts, Reader’s Choice: Ryan Bacani

Ryan BacaniRyan Bacani is a good friend to Why It Matters and a great music blogger.  His blog, A Song Without A Chorus, is one of my regular stops on the intergooglewebtubes.  Read, bookmark, enjoy –you won’t be disappointed.  In fact, I predict you’re going to enjoy Ryan so much that you’ll want to follow him at @ohryansbelt on Twitter.

Here we go with a super-deluxe custom Bacani Deep Cuts:

I celebrated one of those silly “milestone” birthdays recently and that got me thinking about my three decades worth of music consumption. Well, a little less than that considering the early years. Though, I’m fairly sure my father gave me a heavy dose of Elvis then too. In such a long period of time one can be exposed to so much provided they’re willing to listen. And that was me, ready to listen. All that influence helped shape my musical palate which eventually grew and changed throughout the years. Even with that, I managed to pick things up along the way that have stuck with me for the long haul.

In all that time, I went from eagerly taking any and all music recommendations to somehow being the one who’s handing them out. Though, I should say I’m still just as eager to listen. So, with that said, I’d like to share with you a playlist full of memorable influence and personal impact. Enjoy.

“Queenie Wahine’s Papaya,” Elvis Presley. My father was the first to impose music on my young ears. He was, as you might’ve already guessed, a giant fan of The King. What’s most memorable for me was being young and watching any one of the many Elvis VHS tapes that lined the shelf. Lifted from Paradise, Hawaiian Style, I always thought this was a cute little song and scene.

 “The Twilight Zone,” Rush. Of all the music my brother turned me onto, Rush stands out since it was the first concert I ever attended. Aside from being amazed by the band, my jaw hit the floor during Neil Peart’s “Rhythm Method” and I almost put down my drumsticks for good. A track off Test For Echo might be more appropriate since that was the tour but let’s face it, that wasn’t a great album. Instead, enjoy one of my favorite trippy tracks off 2112.

“We’re Not Deep,” The Housemartins. London 0 Hull 4 is an album that was lyrically over my head but quite fun when I was listening to it in my cousin’s apartment. I still find myself going back to this album and find it surprisingly relevant to me now on a personal level.

“Dead,” They Might Be Giants. I owe my love of these guys partly to my best friend growing up and partly to Tiny Toon Adventures. Though most would pick out “Birdhouse In Your Soul” or “Particle Man”, the rest of Flood is just as great.

“Every Monday,” Marvelous 3. Hey! Album is a recommendation I remember getting when asking my brother’s college buddy what he was listening to. One Marvies album and six solo albums later and I’m still listening to Mr. Butch Walker. I actually saw him a live a while back as he began the show sitting alone on the stage with his guitar strumming this tune and encouraging us all to sing.

“Death Trip 21,” Ash. A high school friend was quite familiar with bands from across the pond and always kept me informed. He influenced my first Ash purchase, Nu-Clear Sounds, which actually ended up being one of their less popular albums. Even so, there was good music to be found on the album.

“The Stalker,” Piebald. I was first introduced to these now split emo rockers by a good friend of mine. At the time, we were co-workers selling out at Hot Topic and that’s when We Are The Only Friends We Have carved out its own special place in my heart. I played this song this obsessive stalker came and visited her in the store. She was a little embarrassed but I really think that strengthened our friendship.

“Ladies And Gentlemen,” City and Colour. And this last one is not something that was recommended to me, but rather something I recommend to you. This most recent effort, The Hurry And The Harm, is twelve tracks of lovely acoustic driven folk rock punctuated by Dallas Green’s haunting voice.

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  1. Thanks for the great recommendations, Ryan. A number of these were unfamiliar to me, but all were appealing. I especially liked the City and Colour track.


  2. Piebald. haha So good. I haven’t heard that Ash song yet. Thanks! It’s always worth checking out your lists.

    I’d love to read an article on bands you recommend to see live, which are killer in person, better than their recordings. My current list: The Cellar Doors, The Asteroid No. 4, Trails and Ways… They’re all excellent live, but I’m not very fond of their albums. The thrill isn’t captured, or it doesn’t do them justice.


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