From the Stacks

From the Stacks: Jane’s Addiction – Classic Girl (Picture Disc)

Janes classic girl pic disc front 2This is simply a beautiful piece of vinyl.  On the front we have Perry Farrell’s controversial assemblage that graced the Ritual de lo Habitual album sleeve, and on the back….

…we have Casey Niccoli, the classic girl who gave her man Perry great ideas.  Muses are important, don’t believe otherwise for a moment.  Every single one of you who offers your love, support, time, kindness, and anything else you have to help someone make a little bit of art — every one of you is a muse, and you are magical.  As a younger person I thought such ideas were corny, but it’s true.  Without flowers there are no hummingbirds.

Anyway, I’m getting creepy.  Want one of these for your own stacks?  Expect to pay $25 for a mint copy.  Happy hunting.

janes classic girl pic disc rear

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  1. Who wouldn’t want to be someone’s muse? And I think if one is going to invest in a picture disc, Jane’s Addiction may be the way to go.


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