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From the Stacks: Meat the Bruiser Band

meat the bruiser band front Okay, here’s what you need to know:

  • WRIF 101 was a Detroit radio station with one of those corny “Zoo Crew” style morning shows co-hosted by a DJ named George Baier and Jim Johnson.
  • Baier’s radio name was Richard T. Bruiser, or Dick the Bruiser
  • There was also a big-time wrestler named Dick the Bruiser, who appears in all his Udo Dirkschneider glory on the album cover above, but didn’t really have anything to do with WRIF.
  • Meat the Bruiser Band is a collection of cruddy song parodies by the aforementioned morning DJs.
  • This hunk of junk will set you back $10-$20.
  • It’s on its way to the Bad Album Cover Hall of Fame.”

And now you can take all that time you saved reading an essay on Meat the Bruiser Band and go make the world a better place.  You’re welcome.

meat the bruiser band rear

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  1. I can kinda see why you would say they were cruddy parodies, but for the time and place they were great. Sometimes one comes up on random shuffle on my mp3 player and I still laugh. But I guess if you didn’t listen to WRIF growing up you wouldn’t “get” them. BTW, I think the guy on the poster is the same guy on the cover, the wrestler “Dick the Bruiser”.


    • Oh, make no mistake: All morning drive time FM radio DJ bits were cruddy, but I absolutely loved the ones from my local area and would undoubtedly laugh at them if I could dig up copies. No disrespect meant to the fine folks at WRIF or any other station. I’m pretty sure those guys know they were doing corny bits, and we loved them for it. Except for “Disco Duck.” Gotta draw the line somewhere.


  2. The Bruiser Band was on Kelly & Company prior to 1980 (I believe). I was in the audience and would love to see a tape of the show if anyone knows of one.


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