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From the Stacks: Carmel – More, More, More (12″ single)

carmel more more more twelve inchNow here’s a pop confection from 1984 that still tastes delicious.

Carmel never hit big in the United States but they scored a couple of big UK hits, this being one of them.  Carmel McCourt was Amy Winehouse before Amy Winehouse, dishing up a sixties R&B revival that reminded listeners why some genres of music remain timeless.  Listen for yourself:

The band is still out there, touring Europe and making new music.  You can visit them here:

As for this 12″ single, I can’t even find a copy for sale.  My guess is that if you stumble across it you won’t pay more than a couple of bucks.  Happy hunting.

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  1. That is a tasty treat. As I’ve mentioned on my own blog, I grew up listening to the sounds of the 50’s and 60’s (among other music). After hearing this song, I did a little digging and found their catalog on iTunes. By the way, listen to their cover of “Track of My Tears.”


  2. I don’t remember this song, but I do remember the renaissance of innocent, enthusiastic music in the early 80s. Nice track!


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