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From the Stacks: The Leather Nun – Force of Habit

leather nun force of habitHow in leather heaven did this album escape the Controversial Album Cover gallery? It’s unfortunate that it did: A little controversy might have helped Sweden’s greatest goth band break the US market.

Leather Nun was already a decade old when the compilation Force of Habit dropped here in the States.  That same year, 1987, the band had the following track included on the Dudes soundtrack, which remains a cult favorite:

Pretty sweet, huh?  Still sounds fresh today.  I’d put it up against Nine Inch Nails or whatever your favorite industrial-gothy band might be.

This one is a must-have, both for the cover and the music.  Get that five dollar bill out of your pocket, put on your pith helmet and get to searching.  Happy hunting.

leather nun force of habit rear

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  1. Seems like that cover should qualify as controversial. You’re right…outrage might have earned them their stripes.


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