WIM Meets The Good Men Project

Good Men ProjectWell, not exactly.  Why it Matters is staying where it is, and I’ll keep bringing the liquor, lust and primer gray Camaros.  And the music, of course. Can’t forget the music.

But the folks over at the Good Men Project have taken a little bit of an interest in my word doodles.  I like what they’re doing over there, so I’m all too happy to contribute whatever I can.

Today’s piece is very much in the WIM wheelhouse — an update of sorts on one of those Guys in Black Tee Shirts Who Jammed with whom I misspent my youth.  Please give it a read, share it, leave comments, click “like,” tell your  mama, and anything else you can think of to convince my editor over there into thinking that I’m getting the job done.

And while you’re there, check out the rest of their site.  It’s a wonderful thing.

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