From the Stacks

From the Stacks: Jon Lord – Gemini Suite

gemini suiteHas it really been a year since Deep Purple’s Jon Lord passed away?  I swear, someone sped up the clock when I wasn’t looking.

I don’t know whether Lord embraced the prefix “Deep Purple’s” or resented it, but one thing is for certain:  He was a hell of a lot more than the keyboard player in a heavy band.

Gemini Suite was composer Jon Lord’s second recording of serious music.  The line-up includes the great Albert Lee on guitar, Lord’s Deep Purple partners Ian Pace and Roger Glover on drums and bass, and here’s your interesting trivia for the day: Yvonne Elliman on vocals.  You know her, you just might not know that you know her:

Gemini Suite is an admirable achievement and a nice oddity for both Deep Purple and prog rock fans.  Honestly I don’t think it holds up awfully well, but if you can set your brain to 1972 there’s a lot here to find groovy, man.  Listen loud, and preferably with black lights.

Average prices bunch up around the $15 range, but you can spend a lot more if that’s your thing.  If you’re not a collector and you just want the music, this one is still available on CD, too.  Happy hunting.

gemini suite rear

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