From the Stacks

From the Stacks: Nazareth – No Mean City

Nazareth no mean cityFirst of all, that’s just one bad ass seventies Heavy Metal black light poster of an album cover.  Artist Rodney Matthews really captured a sort of Ralph Bakshi meets Rob’t Williams vibe with this one.

But I have other reasons for digging this album:

No Mean City was my very first concert.  My good buddy Hal the Drummer  and I rocked it hard that night, but I’ve already told you that story.

If you like that seventies. dirty, blues-based boogie stomp then this is a good one.  Dan McCafferty makes AC/DC’s Brian Johnson sound like an operatic tenor:

No Mean City is still in print, and if you pick it up new you get bonus tracks.  I’m a sucker for that.  But if your goal is to enjoy that Rodney Matthews album cover the way that nature intended, expect to pay about five bucks for a vinyl copy.  Happy hunting.

nazareth no mean city rear

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