Mother’s Finest Launches Kickstarter Campaign

mothers finest seventiesGeorgia Music Hall of Famers, personal favorites, and friends of Why It Matters Mother’s Finest have launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund their first studio album in a decade.

These guys aren’t some heritage act putting out the same record over and over.  They’re still road warriors, gigging up and down the east coast of the US and all over Europe, and all that playing has kept them in top shape.  Moses Mo still shreds, Wyzard remains the baddest bass player this side of Bootzilla, and sweet Baby Jean and Murdock still wail.  Seriously, funk rock doesn’t get any better than this.

Just ten bucks gets you a copy of the new album.  Think about that for a second:  You’re chipping in to get the thing made, and in return you’re getting a copy.  That’s the coolest donation you can ever make.

Me, I have my eyes on the $100 mark.  Vinyl? Autographs? Forget about it.  That’s a music geek’s dream.

I want this to succeed so much that I’m going to make you a deal: I’m going to let you pick my pocket.  For every new follower I get between now and August 31, I’ll increase my pledge to the band’s campaign, and to make it even easier I’ll count followers on the platform of your choice.  Look over on the right-hand side of your screen for links to Facebook, Twitter, email subscription, etc.

So can you make me spend my money on the “Wyzard’s Alembic bass” level?  Take your best shot!

mf current

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