Ten Things Every Polite Guy Should Do

ten polite thingsThis week’s piece in The Good Men Project Magazine seems to have hit the mark: It’s been up for about 12 hours and already has been shared almost 3,000 times. Who knew manners would be a hot topic?

Anyway, take it for a spin around the dance floor, and if you like it let your buddies have a turn, too:  http://goodmenproject.com/ethics-values/brand-ten-things-every-polite-guy-should-do/

Thank you (that’s #6).

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  1. The shopping cart in the aisle goes for both men and women. May I add, please, please get off the cell phone while you are blocking the aisle discussing what brand of laundry detergent to purchase. If that is not possible, and one must block the aisle and chat on the phone, at least please not glare at the person saying, “excuse me” as they try to squeeze by?
    Hmmm, pet peeve, you think?


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