We’ll Meet Again

well meet againOver on The Good Men Project this week I finish the conversation that I started here yesterday.

It’s a tough one but a good one, all about saying goodbye to my dying mother:

And here’s a little Dame Vera for your travels:

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  1. My comment from The Good Man Project.

    We live. We die, but when a disease alters the natural progression of aging, our reactions can only seem odd to ourselves. ‘Too soon’ would be the first reaction. Then the question of fairness rears it’s head.

    What you are going through James, is not fair. When cancer hit our friend Bob, (yes, his real name) we were able to communicate with him right up to the end. Neurological diseases are wrong, as they rob us of these last chances, thus my opinion on the fairness issue.

    I’m glad you wrote and shared this, as it reminds me to get on the phone with my folks more often. This, though, is a double edged sword, as it more possibly will just add to the waiting guilt when they are gone.

    All the important human interactions were present in your visit. We can’t ask for more. But we do.


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