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From the Stacks: Classix Nouveaux -Night People

classix nouveaux frontClassix Nouveaux was the one of those bands that were either hysterically funny or really bad.  Or neither.  Or both.

Lead singer Sal Solo looked like Rocky Horror’s  Riff Raff and sounded like an Iggy Pop impersonator, though he gets a nod for sporting a pre-Michael Jordan bald head.  That was a bold move during the high hair new wave movement. In addition to the melodramatic vocals, the beats were boring. and the washes of synthesizer bland.

The band found itself connected with the New Romantics thanks to their capes and eyeliner, which I imagine was okay.  They never had the success of Ultravox or Spandau Ballet, but they did pretty well in Europe.

For me the draw was former X-Ray Spex members Jak Airport and B.P. Hurding, but none of that “Oh Bondage! Up Yours!” goodness found its way into their new band.

Lest ye think I’ve come to bury New Wave Caesar, let me take a moment to praise him.  The instrumental track “623” is worthy of an eighties compilation or two, mostly thanks to Mik Sweeney’s bass work:

You can pick this one up quite literally for pennies if you keep your eyes open, and it might be worth it to you for that Dark Shadows Meets Duran Duran album cover.  Happy hunting.

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  1. Yes, Solo was a little over the top but the band made some catchy tunes. I suspect ‘Is it a dream’ was their biggest song here in the UK. They almost sum up the 80s – great music, naff hair and cheesy videos.


  2. With all due respect, I would like to point out that the album cover photo accompanying this entry is not of “Night People”, which is the name of Classix Nouveaux’s debut album outside of the US, and is instead of the self-titled US release (LT-1104).


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