From the Stacks

From the Stacks: Bauhaus – Bela Legosi’s Dead (12″ Single)

bauhaus bela legosi twelve inchI feel like I owe you a capes and makeup palate cleanser after exposing you to Classix Nouveaux, and nobody ever made that combo work like Peter Murphy and Bauhaus.

This is where it all begins for the band, and arguably for the entire Goth genre.  Like a fast food hamburger, it was released in 1979 but remains fresh to this day.  Unlike a Jumbo McWhopper Star, it’s still delicious.

The big money here is for the colored vinyl printings, which hang in the 30-50 dollar range.  Expect to pay more (much more) for the first pressing, which was on white vinyl.  A regular old black vinyl edition will run you about ten bucks.

Okay, when you’re done listening to all nine minutes plus and gazing at your shoes, get to hunting.

bauhaus bela legosi twelve inch rear

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  1. This is one of those tunes, like Oingo Boingo’s “Deadman’s Party”, that I knew of long before hearing.
    (Friends are good that way.)
    When I finally heard the Bauhaus tune playing in a record store, I instantly knew what it was. Great tune.


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