Deep Cuts

Deep Cuts: Draw, Partner

Elvis CowboyI don’t draw as much as I used to, at least not right now. When The Hum clicks in I go a little overboard, and next thing you know nothing else is getting done but lots of paper is getting marked up.

Right now I prefer to mark up pages with squiggly little words and hope that they communicate a thing or two about a thing or two.  Eventually I will put down the keyboard and pick up the pencils again, but until then how about we just enjoy some songs about drawing?

“Draw the Line,” Aerosmith.  From the album of the same name that found the Toxic Twins at their drugged out lowest.  Amazing that it got made at all, but even more amazing that it rocks hard.  Here’s a great clip made before Steven Tyler hit menopause:

“Drawing Flies,” Soundgarden.  Oh, don’t be so damned literal.  Chris Cornell might be wailing about drawing, you don’t know.

“Where Do Ya Draw the Line?” Dead Kennedys.  Remarkably, I think this it the DK’s first “Deep Cuts” appearance.  Shame on me.

“(Drawing) Rings Around the World,” Super Furry Animals

“Wang Dang Doodle,” Koko Taylor.  You don’t think Koko is doodling a wang dang, do you?  Hey, I don’t judge.

“Art Decade,” David Bowie.  One for the background while you try to get The Hum going for yourself.  From Low, one of the Dame’s greatest albums.

Okay, drawers: What drawing songs do you have tucked in your drawers?  I’m listening.


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  1. I forgot how cute Steven Tyler was before he got…you know. And I love Super Furry Animals! Great list.
    I’d add Art Teacher by Rufus Wainwright, if I could. Not quite drawing or doodling…but art! I love songs sung as opposite gender. They seem extra vulnerable. And of course, anything by Badly Drawn Boy 🙂


  2. That Sound Garden song has that great line, “Share a cigarette with negativity.” They were the best band I ever saw live.

    I would mention Rocky Racoon. . . but Daniel was hot – he drew first and shot. And Rocky collapsed in the corner.


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