From the Stacks

From the Stacks: Molly Hatchet – Flirtin’ With Disaster

molly hatchet flirtin with disasterMolly Hatchet’s second (and best) album, Flirtin’ With Disaster, features another painting by the great Frank Frazetta.

This one is entitled “Dark Kingdom,” and it features Groundskeeper Willie in his Village People costume, fighting a snake.  I’m kidding, of course: he isn’t fighting the snake.

Flirtin’ is my favorite Frazetta album cover, and I destroyed more than one Pee-Chee folder in my efforts to copy the master.   The album rocked, too.  This is the best of the Molly Hatchet line-ups, with Danny Joe Brown singing and whistling, Dave Hlubek leading the three-guitar onslaught, and unsung bassist Banner Thomas holding down the bottom.  The title cut is a Southern Rock classic, and lead track “Whiskey Man” remains a fan favorite.  Set aside your mullets-and-dusters bias for a moment and wallow in the boogie:

Flirting With Disaster sold three million copies, so you’ll have no trouble finding a nice 12×12 Frazetta album cover to hang on your wall for no more than a buck or two.  Happy hunting.

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