Good Men Project

GMP Writing Prompts, Week of 9/9/13

Good Men ProjectI’m looking for your take on the following for GMP’s arts and entertainment section.  Pieces should be between 500 and 1,500 words and conform to the Good Men Project Style Guidelines.

I’m open to your pitches on any arts and entertainment topic, too.  Please forward your stories or ideas to me at

Here are this week’s prompts:

San Francisco’s new Bay Bridge: Was the “aspirational art” of the design worth the cost?

Jack Nicholson retires. Possible angles: an appreciation, personal experience with memory loss, Jack – good role model/bad role model, etc.:

Do entertainers have a socio-political responsibility?

The ethics of “reality” television:

“Whatever ideas they had came from the avalanche of media in our world. No one had ever told them they had a right to think for themselves.” – Frank McCourt, Teacher Man.  When did you realize that it was okay to think for yourself rather than reiterate the “avalanche of media”?

Kodak is no longer a consumer company, solely a commercial printing company. How did the art of the photograph shape your growth, i.e., your Boy Scout photography, your high school photo club, your Ansel Adams period, etc.

Burning Man: Your stories from this year.

Comics: Evel Knievel returns in comic book form. Tell me about your Evel childhood and what the world’s greatest daredevil meant to you:

Seamus Heaney: The great man passed last week. What did his work mean to you?

Fall television: This year we have “Trophy Wife,” “Betrayal,” and “Dads,” just to name a few. How are the new shows speaking to your ideal of a good man?

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