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From the Stacks: Tim Curry – Read My Lips

tim curry read my lipsThe legendary Tim Curry is recovering from a stroke, a fact that few of us knew until earlier this year.  Another fact that the casual admirer probably doesn’t know? Curry recorded some kickass albums for A&M Records.

Read My Lips was the first of the three, released in 1978 when Rocky Horror mania was at its peak.  I was one of those Rocky Horror fans, which is why I’m writing this while wearing a corset and garter.  (No I’m not. As far as you know.)

This one regularly trades in the $5-$10 range, but it is priceless to Rocky fans. Happy hunting.

(P.S. Get well soon, Tim.  We miss you.)

tim curry read my lips 2

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  1. Even though I was well into my adolescence by the time RHPS came onto the scene, I was a late bloomer and Tim Curry was the first man who I felt genuinely sexually attracted to. TMI? Well, anyway, he is my dream man…corset and all 🙂
    Get well soon, Mr. Curry.


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